Universe Edge, a spaceship-building, crew-management, space-exploration game.

Welcome to the Pre-Alpha Demo of Universe Edge!

This demo is 5 months old, It is pretty short at the moment.
But hopefully it can give you a glimpse of how the game will turn out in the future.

It is recommended to read through the guide below this page, or watch this tutorial video.

Play on Browser (the page might require you a Unity3D plugin)

Wanna start from a blank ship? Check out this forum post

Vote on Greenlight!

Spaceship 101

Ship Building - Mining and Power Processing - Water Processing - Controllers/Artillery - Hydroponics - Thrusters - Gravity System - Pipe System

Ship Building

There will be more Shapes in the future, you can check out this Forum Thread to see the current ideas. Feel free to share your ideas! :D

Mining and Power Processing

Water Processing

Controller Equipment


Thrusters and Cockpits

Gravity System

Pipe System

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